ReBellaTM includes several minimally manipulated allograft products derived from full term, post c-section umbilical cord tissue and Wharton’s Jelly.

Quality, Safe, FDA Registered Wharton's Jelly, Umbilical Tissue and Exosome Rich Fluid!

Now announcing ReBella PRPTM platelet rich plasma therapy kits - 30ml and 60ml along with centrifuge.

First Rate Umbilical Cord Wharton’s Jelly, Cord Blood and Exosome Rich Fluid

at Price Points that fit perfectly into your practice procedures!


For a LIMITED TIME new customers receive ReBellaWJTM and ReBellaXOTM

at 2 for 1 on 1cc and 2cc units.

ReBellaPRPTM now available in both 30ml and 60ml kits! Pricing better than any other on the market with PRP concentrations of 5-12x baseline.


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NEVER COMPROMISE when it comes to your patient care. Combining quality and safety, cryopreserved Rebella products exceed FDA Quality Assurance standards. 

Returning Life

ReBellaTM includes minimally manipulated allografts derived from full term, post c-section umbilical cord tissue and Wharton’s Jelly. The tissue serves a homologous function by offering protection, lubrication and cushioning. The tissue includes cytokines, growth factors, mRNA, exosomes, collagen, stem cells and other regenerative elements.

In addition, ReBellaPRP is now available. Incredibly easy to use and half the pricing of competitor 30ml and 60ml kits.

For your procedures involving joints, soft tissue, hair, facial or sexual rejuvenation, ReBella TM products represent your most cost effective and safe option for fitting regenerative biologics into your patient care! 

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You have questions, we have answers! 

Here is some information to questions we frequently hear.

Exosomes are a type of extracellular vesicle that are very active in cell to cell communication. They are cellular byproducts (not cells themselves) that contain a significant amount of RNA, translational proteins, cytokines and growth factors that communicate with their target cells to provoke regeneration.

Wharton’s Jelly (WJ) is the gelatinous matrix surrounding the umbilical cord blood vessels. WJ is rich in many regenerative elements such as cytokines, growth factors, MSC’s, secretomes, exosomes, and hyaluronic acid.

Minimal manipulation is a term referring to how the FDA regulates human cells or tissues intended for implantation, transplantation, infusion or transfer into a human recipient. 


Without delving into specifics, the tissue cannot be cultured, or combined with enzymes or additives that the FDA does not approve of.

All ReBellaTM products are shipped overnight on dry ice. The dry ice is good for 3 days on average.

Only licensed healthcare providers may purchase ReBellaTM products. 


Our processing system preserves high levels of donor stem cells, exosomes and viability per unit even after cryopreservation. This includes structural proteins, collagen, hyaluronic acid which work homologously with one’s body.


While most manufacturers cut corners by radiating their tissue, adding foreign reagents or high percentage of buffer, ReBella maintains high cell counts and variability of cell types due to its careful handling and processing in a cGTP  compliant clean room.

Highest Safety

Every product can be traced to the day and time of tissue processing and to individual donor.


No risk to mother or baby, processed in according with CLIA and 42 CFR part 493.


You need to know that what you are using on your patients is safe, pure and cost effective for their outcomes and your peace of mind. Rest assured ReBella’s safety standards exceed FDA regulations!

No cryopreservative means no potential for sulfa allergy with ReBellaTM WJ

ReBellaXO and ReBellaWJ now TWO for ONE Pricing for 1cc and 2cc vials! (US orders and new customers only) No Volume Limit.